9 Signs We Have a “Boy Crisis” — collegestats.org

Excerpt (emphasis DSC):

The term [boy crisis] refers to the country’s seeming dilemma of underdevelopment and academic underachievement in young males. Although the issue began to surface as far back as the ’80s, some have held firm in their refusal to acknowledge a reason for concern for our next generation of men. But to us, the tell-tale signs are there to prove American society has a serious problem.


From DSC:
I care about this topic for a number of reasons, but I’ll just mention a few here:

  1. It involves our nation’s future.
  2. I believe we’re all in the same boat together; no person is an island.
  3. I also find it relevant because it clearly points out that boys/young men are not enjoying their learning experiences. Surprised?! I doubt it. The problem is that such an aversion to learning increasingly bodes poorly in terms of being able to remain employed over the long term.

I have a couple of thoughts about potential reasons why this might be occurring…but what do you all think about this topic?