Back to School Info on Your Child
As you prepare to meet new teachers and professionals for the new school year IMDSA has a great resource to help you make the transition smoother. On our website IMDSA has a booklet called “All About Me”. The booklet can easily be printed and filled out with information about your child. You can give the booklet to the various professionals and teachers to easily acquaint them with your child and their diagnosis of mosaic Down syndrome. To view and print the booklet go to We hope this is a helpful resource for you to prepare for the coming school year!


From DSC:
I especially like the parts about the truths and myths of Mosaic Down Syndrome here — which can be very helpful to teachers.  Perhaps others will appreciate this section as well.

Also, the older I get, the less I believe there is a “normal” anymore. Along those lines, you might be interested in the following book:


The Short Bus


or this
Kindle edition from 2010.