10 big (and simple) ideas for 2011 — from Edutopia.org
This year, we’ve seen some great ideas that can be implemented by individual teachers to improve student learning and achievement. Indeed, sometimes the simplest changes can have the biggest impact. Here are ten Edutopia blogs that showcased exciting and doable trends:

1Empowering Teachers with Do-It-Yourself Culture

2Making the Case for Open-Source (Read: Free!) Textbooks

3The Video Game Model as a Learning Tool

4An Instructional Model Designed to Close the Achievement Gap in Urban Classrooms

5Three Ways Student Data Can Inform Your Teaching

6Flipped Classrooms

7Using Digital Badges to Reward Self-Directed Learning

8Using a Website to Save Classroom Time

9Creating Classroom Rules with a Bill of Student Rights

10A little more complex, but still a great idea: A Model for District-Wide Collaboration