From DSC:
I’d like to thank David Goodrich for his comments on this potential interface when I posted the above items the other day. David, though interested in the concept, had some concerns (and rightly so!) about cognitive load and split attention.

To clarify, my hope with such an interface would be that with a swish of my wrist (i.e. Minority Report…or less flashy, the person giving us the weather report), I would be able to move any one of those sources/streams of content to be the primary source of content. The other streams of content could be easily accessible, but would be very low on the visual hierarchy of the interface — so as not to distract me and steal my cognitive processing away from the main/primary stream of content that I was trying to process.

By the way, the key value of the person(s) populating this interface with content would especially be in their choices/selections regarding the best streams of content to provide on that subject/discipline/topic.

(For all of the tags that could be associated with this posting, please see my posting last Friday on this; I just wanted to re-post this item with an eye towards cognitive load.)