Online Communities Spark Future Changes in the Training Profession (Interview) — from


Q. Could you envision a 21st century training program for us? What might it look like?

This can be best described by what was said by John Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems: “Education over the internet will make email look like a rounding error.” Chambers explains that education is not just evolving, but rather going through a complete transformation.

Q. How might these challenges differ from the challenges of yesterday?

Emerging communication methods, like instant communication and collaboration, have vastly changed the landscape of the way people assimilate information. Time has always been considered a scarce resource, but it has now become even scarcer than before.  We need to adapt to the very rapidly changing environment as training shifts its focus to learning.

Q. In response to this shift, what are some research and technological trends today that will have an impact on tomorrow?

The high-definition video conferencing, mobile learning, and innovative developments centered around social learning and performance support have the potential to lay the foundation of anytime-anywhere learning, in real-time.