The Coming Golden Age of Open Educational Simulations — from Mike Caulfield

From DSC:
Thanks Mike for sharing this information, these lessons and reflections. Although your posting stopped me in my tracks, it was good to reflect upon. It made me wonder about such things as…

  • If we could get a billion from the fortunes that Gates, Buffett, and other billionaires are donating, could we create open learning objects/courses and make them available worldwide? Or would that not work?
  • Were you all ahead of your time?
  • Where does this leave us? That is, is it a wise goal to create interactive, professionally-done, engaging, multimedia-based applications? If so, under what conditions?
  • If we pursue this goal, who and how should we do it?
  • If open source models are followed, should we move towards the use of consortiums to create the learning objects? i.e. to spread out the development costs?
  • What would you say to instructional designers if they are following similar endeavors/efforts? How can one know all of the context that speaks to each individual taking the course?
  • Will “The Reusability Paradox” be a show-stopper for us?
  • What should our strategy and vision be?
  • Or did I miss the whole point here?!