A New Model for Career Exploration in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) World — from ed2work-com.cdn.ampproject.org by Marie A. Cini

Excerpts (emphasis DSC):

Career development is not the same as job placement. Almost everyone confuses the two, including the learners using these services. Too often, students would get through their entire program of study and then visit the “career center” to begin the process of finding and getting placed in a job. Instead, I would challenge them to learn more about themselves and what they wanted in their life and in a career as part of their development process.

In the US, we emphasize the importance of “getting a job” over helping an individual deeply explore their talents, preferences, and desires.

From DSC:
This was a major difference that I noticed working at a Christian college for many years. The idea of a calling was emphasized much more so than I experienced anywhere else. Students were encouraged to be very introspective in terms of what they perceived their passions, gifts, interests, and abilities to be. They were encouraged to pray to the LORD and listen for His leading in their lives…to seek His counsel. Where does the LORD want them? What purpose are they called to fulfill/address?

One more solid quote from Marie here:

The problem lies in an imperfect, incomplete market that does not provide comprehensive information over an individual’s lifetime to encourage a broader awareness of careers. Nor do we help individuals understand that career development is a process and not a destination, while showing them how to develop their lifelong approach to making a living.