FLEXspace: Sharing the best of learning space design — from campustechnology.com by Mary Grush
A Q&A with Lisa Stephens and Rebecca Frazee


FLEXspace is a repository and open online education resource institutions can use to research and share information about successful learning space design. A true grass roots collaboration, access is free to .edu domain owners. Using ARTstor Shared Shelf, the community is growing a rich resource that, after only about five years since its inception, is already demonstrating its potential to improve both the process of creating campus learning spaces and the science of using them. Campus Technology spoke with two FLEXspace team leaders (who work remotely from their home institutions): Lisa Stephens, Senior Strategist, SUNY Academic Innovation, SUNY System Administration and the University of Buffalo; and Rebecca Frazee, FLEXspace Manager and Lecturer, Learning Design and Technology Program, San Diego State University.




Some other items regarding learning spaces:

  • The Learning Space Rating System where they mention:
    • The four categories of formal learning space they use in LSRS version 1 are:
      • Discussion-focused classrooms designed to support meetings of the full course cohort (example: seminar rooms)
      • Team-based classrooms with fixed furnishing (example: the step-up design)
      • Presentation-focused classrooms (examples: lecture halls, auditoria)
      • Versatile classrooms that support some combination of the above designs, or are slightly more specialized in the type of learning they support (example: a room with entirely mobile furnishings that can be set in a traditional or team-based fashion