NBA to broadcast first live pro sports event in virtual reality — from by Jessica Golden
[The NBA made history on Tuesday [10/27/15] as the league became the first to broadcast a live professional sports game in virtual reality.]



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Digital cadavers: How virtual reality and augmented reality can change anatomy class — from by Erin Carson
Western University’s new Virtual Reality Learning Center is using VR and AR to train med students.



Blippar launches R&D lab and expands into virtual reality with an educational Google Cardboard app — from by Paul Sawers

Excerpt (emphasis DSC):

More than $40 million in funding later, the now New York-based company has launched Blippar Lab, a research and development unit that will be used to explore “innovative use cases for AR and VR across a variety of industries.” The first of these Blippar Lab-branded products is Cardio VR for Google Cardboard, which is aimed at helping children learn about the human body through virtual reality.

If the distinction between augmented reality and virtual reality is lost on you, here’s a summation. AR is when the real, physical world is “augmented” with digital content, such as images or text layered upon a screen. VR is the full recreation of a world in digital, or “virtual,” form.



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