•  Just 12 percent of CAOs agree or strongly agree that the Obama administration’s ratings initiative will help prospective students and their families make meaningful comparisons between institutions. One in four (25 percent) strongly disagrees the initiative will have such utility.
  • CAOs are confident in the academic health of their institutions, with nearly 9 in 10 (89 percent) saying academic health is good to excellent.
  • Just 11 percent of CAOs strongly agree that the financial situation at their institution has improved in the last year.
  • Over half of CAOs strongly agree that financial concerns are prevalent in their institution’s discussion about launching new academic programs.
  • Similar to findings in 2013, most CAOs do not feel cheating and grade inflation are serious issues at their institution, but they are much more likely to say these are an issue in higher education in this country generally.
  • Over one-third of CAOs say they favor awarding credit for MOOCs.
  • Two in 10 CAOs strongly agree they aspire to be a college president someday.