Everyone is a technology company — from blogs.gartner.com by Peter Sondergaard

Excerpts (emphasis DSC):

We are entering a new digital industry economy where everyone will be a technology company. How will you lead your organization to compete in this digital world?

…we’re on the threshold of a new era — a new era we call the digital industrial economy. It’s an era of profound change that will see every industry digitally remastered. The impact on CIOs, senior IT leaders and the IT organization will be colossal as the organizations they serve adapt to survive and grow.

But now hotel companies see a bigger competitor on the horizon and it’s more powerful than any fancy new technology feature or a new entrant into the marketplace.

That competitor is you, their customer. Everyone is a technology company!

AirBnB turns you, their customers, into their competitors. Got a spare room? Rent it out by the night. Last night, 40,000 did just that by renting accommodation in 250,000 rooms in 30,000 cities in 192 countries.

It’s not just hotels. Your car is sitting idle at the weekends or during work hours? Rent it out for a couple of hours with RelayRides. Need a loan? Skip the bank and borrow from each other. Prosper has nearly 2 million members that have lent over $600 million.

Getting the picture? A new digital industrial economy is emerging.