Interesting tidbit (emphasis DSC):

According to a study from IBM, for the first time CEOs have identified technology as the most important external aspect impacting their organizations. To meet these needs, IBM recently introduced new products.


From DSC:
Reading the item above got me to wondering if the pathways to the CEO position might be opening up to include those coming from more technical backgrounds. Technology must be used strategically — whether in the corporate/business world or in the world of higher education (and come to think of it, within all industries that exist today).  The IT area that you think you know about isn’t just about infrastructure any more — though that’s still critical.  It’s becoming the key department/group within your organization that can either make or break your organization’s future.  Many don’t like this fairly recent situation, but the fact is that in this information age, those who know how to innovate with — and leverage — technology will not only survive, but thrive.  Those who treat IT with disdain, contempt, indifference, or simply continue to minimize the area of IT, won’t make it. To those of you clinging to the status quo, my recommendation is to wake up and adapt before it’s too late.

Along these lines:

  • Why your C-suite needs a social and digital rock star — from by Noam Kostucki
    We have seen different waves of C-level executives be promoted to CEOs: The ’70s promoted sales, the ’80s loved accounting, the ’90s encouraged advertising-driven CMOs, the ’00s were simply turbulent, and the ’10s are looking for the new CEOs. Those who understand social and digital (SnD) will thrive in leading the companies of today and tomorrow.