Speaking a common second screen language – launching the 2nd screen lexicon — from digitalvideospace.blogspot.com by Chuck Parker


When we sat down for our first advisory board meeting last June in NYC, we discussed which topics and challenges to try to tackle as a team, where the issues were on one hand not competitive and on the other hand would genuinely help move the entire second screen ecosystem forward.

Within a few short minutes, we were in a heated debate over what second screen was or wasn’t.  It is very tough to work together without a common language or lexicon.

So we worked with more than 40 advisory board members to develop an initial set of 25 terms  that we felt like were the “25 Essential 2nd Screen Terms” to deal with the problems facing all of us now.


Lexicon for the 2nd Screen Society from http://www.2ndscreensociety.com/lexicon/

1. Second Screen
2. ACR / Automatic Content Recognition

3. API
4. Catch-up TV
5. Companion Experiences
6. Content Source
7. Dual Screening / Second Screening
8. Gamification
9. Grid Guide / Electronic Programming Guide/ EPG
10. Multi-screen / Screen-Shifting
11. OTT (Over-The-Top)
12. Recommendation Engine
13. Search
14. Social Feeds
15. Curated Social Feeds
16. Time-code Synchronized / Spoiler-Proof Social Feeds
17. Social TV
18. Sync-to-Broadcast / Synchronized Experience
19. Transmedia, or Transmedia Storytelling
20. TV Everywhere
21. Simple (Universal Remote Control)
22. Social
23. Seamless (Universal Search and Access)
24. Stimulating (Enhanced Viewing Experience)
25. Discovery