Proceedings from recent MSU's Meaningful Play Conference


(You can view the abstracts or complete papers where available.)

  • Beyond Just Crunching Numbers: Games for Learning Math and Science
  • Classroom is a Game: Technological and Educational Insights for Games for Learning
  • Game Design and Designers
  • Game Evaluation
  • Game Mechanics and Design Principles
  • Games and Data: Between Design and Research
  • Games, Ethics and Rhetoric
  • Games: Legal, Economic, and Policy Insights
  • Gamification
  • Gaming for the Sake of Healthy Mind and Body
  • Gender and Games
  • Innovation in Game Design
  • Is it the Age of Dragon Age?
  • Modding: Design and Analysis
  • Motivation, Engagement, and Enjoyment during Gameplay
  • Observe, Listen, and Learn: Studying Games Using Ethnographic Methodology
  • Social Gaming and Collaborative Play
  • The World of MMOs
  • Thinking Differently about Games 4 Learning
  • Understanding Games through the Lens of Narrative