Are they learning or cheating? Online teaching’s dilemma — from by George Anders; my thanks to Mr. Yohan Na for the resource

From DSC:
I think the key is that folks are going to need to show what they can do, not just what they know (in order to get a job for example). That type of thing will expose (at least to a degree) who has been doing the work and who hasn’t.  Also, I’m hopeful that faculty members can integrate assignments that personalize the learning — that make it relevant; so people will have a greater incentive to do the work and hopefully get more engaged with it.

The topic of cheating/plagiarism gets at a far deeper issue — why don’t people want to do the work in the first place? Where’s the enjoyment of learning? Why isn’t learning more enjoyable? How can we make it more enjoyable/relevant/personalized?