The 40 best sources of free music education online — from


When considering music education, most people don’t immediately think of studying online. Music is something that lends itself to being learned and experienced in person, but the fact is that excellent online music education is available as well. Many will be amazed by the amount of high quality resources that exist. Full courses, lessons, sheet music, and artistic exhibits are all available to study online for absolutely free, and we’ve found the best of them. Read on and discover 40 incredible sources of free music education.


41 open ed resources kids love — from


Whether you’re a teacher looking to incorporate new media into a classroom setting, a homeschooling family, or a parent hoping to supplement the day’s formal coursework, the following resources offer some particularly great examples of using digital technology to get kids exploring the universe. They’re fun. They’re free. And they feature a diverse selection of topics and strategies, meaning almost every user will find something of interest.


Addendum on 7/9/12:

8 online platforms to help you further your education for free — from by Lauren Landry