July 27-29, The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

WorldFuture 2012, the annual conference of the World Future Society, is your chance to meet hundreds of futurists from around the world, get up close and personal with amazing inventions and prototypes at our Futurists: BetaLaunch invention expo, and hear directly from thinkers at the forefront of foresight.

Check out the just released preliminary program to see what we mean. [PDF]

Join hundreds of future-building men and women at the World Future Society’s 2012 conference, to be held in Toronto, July 27-29, at the Sheraton Centre Toronto hotel.

2020 Media Futures: Practicing What We Preach
A Better Way to Assess Trends Literature
Accelerating the Paradigm Shift from Lecture-Centered to Technology-Enabled Active Learning Instructional Methods
Asian Economies over the Next Decade
Can Innovation Save the Planet?
Chemical Brain Preservation: How to Live “Forever”
Climate Engineering Technologies: Current and Future Issues
Clouds, Crowds, and Complexipacity: How We Are Reinventing Science and Education for an Increasingly Complex World
Cobia or Barramundi? And Other Choices on Tomorrow’s Menus
Communities of the Future
Crowdsourced Weak Signal Collection in Corporate Foresight
Cultural Shifts Among Global Youths: Part III
Cyberbullying and Privacy Issues in Social Media
Designing Business for the Sustainable Future
Digital Bootstrapping: Future Technologies for Today’s Digital Outcasts
Escaping the Matrix: Designed Scenario Strategies
Exploring the Future Arts: Graphic, Sonic, Kinetic
Foresight Methods for Strategic Intelligence
Futurist Media for Improved Crisis Scenario Education
Global Futures Collective Intelligence System
Global MegaCrisis: How Bad Will It Get? What Strategies?
Hackerspace Movement: Hacking the Future
Healthspital 4.0: Re-Visioning the American Community Health-Care Experience
How to Turn Teenagers into Environmental Futurists!
Innovative Entrepreneurs Execute Big Ideas
Lessons from Three Decades of Futures Research
Networked Government: The 21st Century Agency
Our Role in Shaping the Future
Poverty of the Imagination: Using the Future to Avoid a World War
Primary Care 2025
Reimagining the Future of Global Health, Wellness, and Health-Care Delivery
Reinventing Life: A Guide to Our Evolutionary Future
Scenario Analysis in Public Health
Scouting the Future with the Implications Wheel
Singularity University: Team Projects to Positively Change the World
Speed Futuring
Systemic Solution to Achieving Green Economic Growth and Sustainable Development
Technology and Ideology: Its Effects and the Future
The Art and Science of Thinking about the Future
The Best of Houston
The Dream-Do Nexus
The Evolution of Integral Futures
The Future of Crime Prediction
The Future of Global Drug Safety
The Future of Shopping: An Immersive Experience
The Hackerspace Movement: Hacking the Future
Tomorrow Is Promised to No One: The Inevitability of Change
Town Hall Meeting: the Future of Governance
Transcultural Roundtable 2012
Unleashing Fundamental Change: Transforming Economic Development for an Economy That Does Not Exist
Waking Up the Algorithm
When Ivory Towers Fall: The Emerging Education Marketplace
Working Abroad as a Career of the Future? Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean Expatriates in China