Who We Are
The Learning Registry project is an informal collaboration among several [U.S.] federal agencies that share the same goal: making federal learning resources and primary source materials easier to find, access and integrate into educational environments.

Key members of the collaboration are:

In addition we have been working with:

While we focus on the availability of federal resources, our approach and goals are shared with others worldwide.  We are talking with and working to leveraging the activities of many others, including:

Thus we hope our results can enable a broad ecosystem of discoverable and accessible learning content and help to build an international community with a shared vision.

Addendum from 9/20/10:

It was only a few weeks ago that we posted about Steve Midgley speaking at the Government 2.0 Summit in Washington, DC.  In this five minute video, Steve explains at a conceptual level what the Learning Registry will enable: discovery of learning resources through a common set of APIs. You can download his slides here: The Learning Registry – How to Find and Use More Resources for Learning Presentation