Reimagining education and learning in America — from
The MacArthur Foundation’s director of education says we don’t have to wait to create a new vision of learning for America’s schools. The time is now.

“The case for rethinking and reimagining learning in America for 21st century schoolchildren is as compelling as it gets,” writes Connie Yowell, MacArthur Foundation’s director of education, at The Huffington Post.

Yowell identifies four ways kids learn that sets them apart from pre-digital era students:

  1. They can pursue interest-driven learning at a tantalizing pace and to fascinating degrees;
  2. They readily collaborate and learn from their peers, across geography and cultures;
  3. They are participating and producing in learning, skill-building, and knowledge-sharing, as opposed to just being receptacles for information;
  4. They can communicate directly with knowledge-giving institutions and individuals all over the world.