Cisco will buy ExtendMedia to manage video delivery — from


“ExtendMedia will enable Cisco to help service providers deliver multiscreen offerings as the market transitions to IP video,” Earnhardt wrote. “In English: Video, video, video and more video on any screen, on any network, on any device.”

“As the video market transitions and consumers expect multiscreen engagement, service providers are enhancing their infrastructure to manage and deliver video to any device while providing a rich user experience,” Rodriguez said.

From DSC:
I believe this type of announcement also has relevancy for those of us in higher ed. Video on any device…at any time…at any place.

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  • The Virtual MSO — from ExtendMedia
    Apple’s planned subscription service, Netflix’ streaming service, maybe even Comcast’s new Xfinity are early examples of the Virtual MSO. Its attributes – premium content, multi-business model (subscription, advertising, transactional), linear and on-demand consumption, user and multi-device entitlement – come from both Web video and pay TV.