Videoconferencing Lesson Study: Learning from the Classroom — by Janine Lim

Poster Session: Amy Colucci, Jefferson County Public School with Jeremy Renner

Just stopped by a poster session on the way that Jefferson County Public Schools uses classroom-based videoconferencing systems to facilitate real-time lesson studies without interrupting the classroom instructional.

I talked to Pam Caudill, who is the videoconferencing contact supporting the project. It’s a really cool professional development model. (In case you’re interested, they are using Tandberg equipment.)

So imagine this:

  • The model teacher is in the classroom – and videoconferences back with a group of teachers at another site.
  • She explains the idea for the lesson; prep etc.
  • She teaches the lesson. The teachers at the other site are watching. A mic is on the teacher, and a room mic is used also. Someone in the room unobtrusively manages the camera so the far site sees everything going on.
  • After the lesson, the model teacher debriefs with the teachers at the far site.
  • THEN, the teachers at the far site learn how to use the technology tools they just saw used with the students.