University of Michigan becomes country’s first campus to use self-driving shuttles — from


This fall students at the University of Michigan will have a new way of getting around campus. Two self-driving shuttles will cover a nearly two-mile route — a first on any campus around the country.

The project is a partnership with Mcity, a 32-acre testing facility on the campus where tech startups and automakers research self-driving vehicles. Mcity Director Huei Peng joins Here & Now’s Robin Young to talk about the shuttle project.
Interview Highlights

“Autonomous vehicles operate largely in two different ways, generally speaking. No. 1 is fixed route: We’ve mapped the route in advance, driving very slowly, collecting a lot of data. The second type would be free routing. You can literally go anywhere there’s a road on the map. So these shuttles largely rely on the GPS, the pre-planned route.”