From DSC:
Some reflections arising from
Digital Faculty: Professors and Technology, 2012 — from Inside Higher Ed by Steve Kolowich

A very brief review of this solid piece brought the below graphic to my mind again.  I created it back in 2008 and it still captures my thoughts after a brief review of this kind of piece.

I’m again prompted to ask and assert:

  • When are we going to realize that the current model of expecting one person to do it all simply won’t work anymore?  For the majority of us, the bar has risen too high for one person to create highly-competitive educational products and services.
  • We can’t expect one person to have all of the passions, interests, gifts, and abilities — as well as the time and energy — to do all that needs to be done in order to offer up a competitive product any more.  Those organizations who continue down this path will be routed by those organizations who move to the use of teams of specialists.
  • Also…what about the incentive systems?  Are they in place to reward those faculty members who are jumping through new hoops all of the time?
  • How can we move from a model based largely on one person to a new model that’s based on a team of specialists?