Flick content from your phone to your TV with a single swipe [Video] — from PSFK by Emma Hutchings


Panasonic have recently added the Media Flick function to the Viera Remote Android app, which allows content to be shared between a smartphone and a TV with just the swipe of a finger.

From DSC:
  • What if students could quickly do this in class — without interrupting the flow of the class —  and transfer a paper they wrote, or a song they composed, or a website they found, etc., up to the main “screen” to “play” it for the rest of the class?
  • What if faculty could just as quickly send files/items to students’ devices?
  • And/or, what if such gestures quickly sent such files up to a cloud-based repository for that course, accessible 24x7x365?


Right now, Apple and other vendors need to work out the wireless network (and related) issues to make this a more feasible idea for an entire campus to implement this. 

But, it would sure be nice!  🙂