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SmartBoard, make way for Educreations — from blogs.kqed.org by Katrina Schwartz


One of the biggest, fastest shifts in ed tech the last couple years has been the evolution from the use of large interactive whiteboards to the use of mobile, agile multi-purpose apps. Currently, there are at least six products, all competing to become teachers’ favorite. Replay Note, ScreenChomp, ShowMe, DoodleCast Pro, Knowmia, Explain Everything and Educreations all offer teachers the ability to record the visual and audio components of a “whiteboard” lesson on their iPads, and share it online.

To boldly go where no pupils have gone before — from scienceomega.com by James Morgan

Classroom of the future


The researchers behind the design of so-called ‘Star Trek classrooms’ have discovered that multi-touch, multi-user desks can boost pupils’ skills in mathematics. The inter-disciplinary team from Durham University, whose findings have been published in the journal Learning and Instruction, found evidence to suggest that children who used smart desks to complete mathematical exercises benefited more than those who completed their tasks on paper.

During the course of a three-year project known as SynergyNet, the researchers have worked with more than 400 pupils, predominantly aged between eight and 10. The team’s latest results show that collaborative learning, such as that facilitated by touchscreen desks, increases learners’ mathematical fluency and flexibility. Moreover, the researchers are confident that the technology that they have developed could also be used to improve learning across other subject areas.

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Educreations adds to interactive whiteboard lesson app — from betakit.com by Justin Lee


White boards are a key tool for creative learners, who use them to write down ideas, brainstorm, and wipe it away when the next inspiration hits. Startup Educreations is looking to move beyond the static whiteboard with their free educational app for iPad, which allows teachers to create video whiteboard lessons. Launched in December 2011, the app allows teachers to record their lessons on a virtual whiteboard, record their voice alongside the text, and share them with students. This mont,h Educreations launched a new version of their app, which gives users the option to add text and images to their presentations.


RTS game runs on a 20 foot-wide multi-touch LCD wall — from gizmag.com by Pawel Piejko

A graduate student has developed an RTS game played on a 20-foot wide LCD multi-touch wall...

A graduate student has developed an RTS game played on a 20-foot wide LCD multi-touch wall
(Image: University of Illinois)

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What about if others from another college, university, school, etc. could partake in this as well?



interaktable.com -- for use with the Epson BrightLink Projector.

There is also a BrightLink Solo product which adds the interactive functions to a non-interactive projector (i.e. you can use any existing projector with this).

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From DSC:
For use with the Epson BrightLink Projector, which can make any surface an interactive whiteboard.


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