“Spectral” by Photographer Cody Cobb — from booooooom.com

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Artist Spotlight: Justin Wheatley — from booooooom.com

Artist Spotlight: Wanda Comrie — from booooooom.com


Set Against a Backdrop of World Events, Tim Okamura’s Bold Portraits Emanate Commanding Energy — from thisiscolossal.com by Grace Ebert and Tim Okamura

Fire Fighter” (2021)

“Fire Fighter” (2021), oil on canvas, 60 x 76 inches

A Stunning Double Rainbow Frames a Lightning Bolt as It Strikes the Mountainous Virginia Horizon — from thisiscolossal.com


The Cardboard Sculptures of Artist Warren King Are an Homage to His Chinese Heritage — from thisiscolossal.com by

Photos Of The Day For June 2022 — from outdoorphotographer.com

A Rare Sighting -- beautiful picture of a bird by Dennis Seeger

Photos of the day for May 2022— from outdoorphotographer.com

Artist Spotlight: Jarid del Deo — from booooooom.com

Addendums on 7/14/22:

Vivid Contours Conjure Hope and Resilience in Yulia Brodskaya’s Quilled Paper Compositions — from thisiscolossal.com

3D Relief Painting — from theawesomer.com


5 creative ways to share your passions (with classroom ideas, too!) — from classtechtips.com by Dr. Monica Burns


If we’re anything alike, there are topics you just can’t stop talking about. I am definitely guilty of being “that” person who talks about the latest piece of advice they heard on a podcast or a recipe from TikTok that they can’t wait to try out. You might also find me going on and on about how fun it was to visit a new school, a new lesson idea I want to try out, or an EdTech tool that totally changed the way I think about [fill in the blank]. In today’s blog post, I put together a list of five creative ways to share your passions. You’ll also find creative classroom ideas to go along with each one.

Some of these are part of my regular practice of sharing things I’m passionate about. Others I’ve tried a few times and loved, even if they’re not my daily, weekly, or monthly way of sharing.

Best of all… all of these ideas are ones your students can try, too.

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Setup the paradise for capturing the perfectness.




Podcasts For High School Students — from teachthought.com by Dennis Lee,

Categories covered include:

  • Academic Related Podcasts
  • General and Special Interest Podcasts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Inspirational & Motivational

World Nature Photography Awards 2021 Winners — from worldnaturephotographyawards.com

Two enormous elephants with massive tusks fighting each other

Amazing Pictures of the Nazaré Wave — from fubiz.net

An amazing picture of a Nazare wave


Pink Peonies Burst with Life in Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings by Maria Marta Morelli — from thisiscolossal.com by Maria Marta Morelli

Pink Peonies Burst with Life in Hyperrealistic Oil Painting by Maria Marta Morelli





Vibrant Paper Strips Swirl into Energetic Circles of Scales and Feathers by Lisa Lloyd — from thisiscolossal.com by Lisa Lloyd

From DSC:
The above items make me exclaim, “Glory to God in the highest!” He’s an amazing, detail-oriented designer and artist! I’m grateful that He gave us the ability to be creative as well — thank you LORD for making us in your image. Genesis 1:26-27

I’m going to borrow the idea of taking the world ART from the world EARTH:

Only the LORD can paint a canvas like this!



“Good night.”

And here’s another amazing picture:



Oil Paintings by Paco Pomet Brighten Vintage Scenes with Satirical Elements in Color — from thisiscolossal.com by Paco Pomet


Several sharp photos out at 500px.com

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