Advice For Law Clerks — From Someone Who Actually Understands Law Clerks — from by Aliza Shatzman
If you’re a law clerk and your judge is mistreating you — or you’ve been terminated or retaliated against — here’s some advice.

However, the fact that thousands of students and clerks approach me rather than those officially entrusted with these duties suggests that the clerkship system is a five-alarm fire and that law schools and the judiciary have failed in their duty of care to students and employees. They must do better.

Here are some questions clerks always ask me:

  1. What are my options for redress?
  2. Can I report the mistreatment anonymously?
  3. Will I be protected against retaliation by the judge?
  4. Will I experience reputational harm in the legal profession when job searching if I speak out, leave my clerkship early, or file a complaint?
  5. Do you hear from other clerks like me? How common is my situation?
  6. Is what I’m experiencing normal?