From DSC:
Seeing the functionality in Freehand — it makes me once again think that we need to use more tools where faculty/staff/students can collaborate with each other REGARDLESS of where they’re coming in to partake in a learning experience (i.e., remotely or physically/locally). This is also true for trainers and employees, teachers and students, as well as in virtual tutoring types of situations. We need tools that offer functionalities that go beyond screen sharing in order to collaborate, design, present, discuss, and create things. 


Some final comments here from DSC:
Freehand reminds me of what Bluescape was trying to do with online-based, digital canvases.

Along these lines, I would like to see more videowalls in physical classrooms. But their price tags need to come way down for that to be considered by many organizations these days.

Will Web3 usher in more of these kinds of tools and functionalities? Hmmm…time will tell.