The Hack That Shook Washington -- by Tom Krazit

The Hack That Shook Washington — from by Tom Krazit


A cybersecurity nightmare is unfolding in the nation’s capital as the fallout from one of the most brazen security breaches in recent memory continues to spread throughout several government agencies.

The internal networks belonging to no less than five government agencies, including the Defense and State Departments, were left wide open to a group of hackers believed to be working on behalf of Russia for several months this year, according to multiple reports and tacit confirmation of a breach from government officials earlier this week. This incident was especially scary because no one seems to know exactly how much data was accessed or stolen, and because those affected may never know.

The incident also highlights the vulnerability of the software supply chain, an important part of modern application development. Here’s what we know:

Addendum on 12/19/20:

Brad Smith, President of Microsoft" This is a moment of reckoning (referring to the Solar Winds cyberattack)