2013 media technology trends — from weezergroup.com by Richard McLeland Wieser


Since the turn of the Millemium we’ve been hearing about the AV/IT convergence.  It started slowly, gaining speed.  Now it is roaring down the track like a 110 car freight train.  In 2013 most of the equipment that audiovisual and video production professionals use is digital, networkable and software controlled.  If your Boss is not the CIO, he may be by January 1, 2014.

Media Manager, Videographer, AV Technician, whatever your title, I believe you will find this information helpful.

From DSC:
As Richard mentions in his blog, the convergence of AV and IT continues to occur.  In fact, just recently, our AV Department joined our IT Department.  I look forward to even closer collaboration with the experts from that group.