From DSC:
A friend of mine is in Nigeria and I wanted to post an excerpt of one of his updates:

We visited the Reformed Combined Secondary School project and met with the leadership to review progress at the school.  Over 150 students are at the school during its second year and many more are expected next year.  The school has unbelievable challenges but the students are eager to learn and the Alumni supporters and churches have been working so hard to build the school.  This is a boarding school and the conditions are very overcrowded.  There is no place for a cafeteria and yet the kids were so exuberant and enthusiastic about their school.  There are additional classrooms being built today and new dorms will be starting soon.  The staff and school board don’t know exactly how they will make it but they could only tell us how they saw God providing.  The kids had been going about 1/4 mile to get water for every need, there had just been a successful borehole drilled with plenty of water.  Within a few weeks a new water tank will be installed and the distribution system will be built.  They were so excited that after a year and a half they won’t have to spend the time walking for water and will be able to spend more time on studies.  To that end there was also a generator being hooked up so the children could study at night.  Again, they have been working for 18 months without any way to study after 7 pm other than a few candles.  Any one of these circumstances would seem impossible to work around, yet the kids think little of it.   The most encouraging part is that the leadership of the school consists of two tribes that have a history of fighting each other.  They have come together for the sake of this small Christian school and have committed themselves to making a go of it against the odds.  The project has been largely funded by local donations.  We are working as advisors and resource people for the school.
I wonder how this would affect children in the United States if they switched places/environments for a while with those children in Nigeria…?