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We have been doing a lot of  reviews of educational  mobile apps. We particularly focused on the ones that work on iPad and we tried to cover almost all the fields from digital story telling to apps to teach creativity. Our purpose is to provide teachers with a repository of apps to choose from  when trying them with their students in the classroom. Check out the categories below and click on any title to access the correspondent apps it contains. Enjoy!

10 great apps for a teacher’s new iPad — from ipadapps4school.com by Richard Byrne

iPad resources, sources & tools — from GettingSmart.com by Tom Vander Ark


The iPad: A useful resource to help students with learning disabilities — from utorbright.com


Story Builder
Math Bingo
Super Duper: What Are They Thinking
Conversation Builder

To better understand how the iPad can positively impact a child’s learning experience, here is a video of a nine year-old boy named Leo who is using an iPad app called First Words. Leo has autism but he is doing exceptionally well with spelling and pairing pictures with words.

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