Excerpt from
Seven Concepts for Effective Teaching — from Astronomy Education Review by Andrew Fraknoi

There is no need to make an introductory astronomy unit or program like the Survivor show on TV. In any learning environment, it can be better to encourage students to work together and to support each other. After all, most jobs and even intellectual enterprises today require participants to do effective teamwork. When you approach a class period like an Olympic trial, those who don’t “score high” get discouraged pretty quickly. However, if everyone’s input is solicited and valued, everyone feels part of the team and more open to learning. This is why good teachers find ways to draw in a much wider group of students than those who happen to raise their hands first.


Concept 1: “Learning is not a spectator sport”
Concept 2: “Collaboration beats competition”
Concept 3. “Everything takes longer than you think”
Concept 4: “Less is more!”
Concept 5: “New knowledge must connect with prior conceptions”
Concept 6: “Give and get immediate feedback”
Concept 7: “Don’t give walnuts to beggars who have no teeth!” [old Portugese proverb]