Do I Need to Write Podcast Transcripts for Accessibility? — from

Put simply, if you’re planning on hosting podcasts on your website, you should also provide transcripts. Below, we’ll explain why text alternatives for audio-only content are helpful — and provide some best practices for creating and publishing.

Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Transcripts should include descriptions of significant sounds that might help readers understand your content. For example, if your podcast contains sound effects or musical cues that affect the context, include them in your text.
  • Some people might search for the word “transcript” right away, so clearly label your scripts on your website to help users find them.
  • Provide links to your transcripts in the RSS feed that delivers your podcast. Include the links when promoting your show on social media.
  • For longer podcast transcripts, consider adding subheadings and semantic HTML markup to make your content more readable.
  • If your podcast pages include a media player, make sure the player’s controls are accessible. Users should be able to start and stop playback with a keyboard alone. For more guidance, read the W3C’s recommendations for media players.