What technology trends will radically transform businesses in 2016 and beyond? — from frogdesign.com

The proposed trends/topics include:

  • Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin
  • Data-Driven Design Takes Center Stage
  • Microbiome Makes Health Personal
  • AI Saves Financial Services
  • VR Medical Therapy
  • FDA-Approved Video Games
  • Human-Centered Design is Automated
  • VR Breaks Down Borders
  • Film Reviews, Written By Your Heartbeat
  • AI In Special Education
  • Sensors Start to Combine & Disappear
  • Haptic Feedback Gets Real
  • Alternative Credit Scoring
  • The Open Enterprise


In the future, we’ll see a rise in robotic toys that serve counselors and playmates to children with various learning disabilities like Autism. Studies have shown that AI toys are extremely effective in getting withdrawn ASD kids in engaging in personal, playful interactions. Special Education departments will soon have whole classrooms of intelligent toys to play with.