Gamification of Education

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  • MSU-developed video game aims to increase financial literacy — from

    EAST LANSING, Mich. — A new video game designed to teach young people the ins and outs of finances has been developed by the Michigan State University Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab.Collaborating with the MSU Federal Credit Union, the game, titled “Spartan Villa,” addresses common financial challenges, such as implementing a monthly budget and learning how credit works, by creating a realistic financial system embedded in a fun, low-pressure game world.

    The game introduces players to critical financial concepts through the virtual management of college rental houses, making players responsible for expanding and maintaining their houses by effectively utilizing their finances.

    Paying bills on time, allocating funds to the proper accounts and monitoring monthly spending ultimately allows players to purchase rooms to expand their houses, host social events to attract future tenants, and increase their overall credit scores.