Smartphone adoption rate fastest in tech history — from by Stephanie Mlot


When smartphone technology was created more than a decade ago, it was simply a small step for connected man–no one knew what a giant leap for mankind it would become. According to a recent Flurry report, global smartphone adoption has exploded, growing faster than any consumer technology in history.

Connected TV grows at “breakneck pace” —


The growth rate of connected TV development is so steep that it is difficult to keep up with all the developments, let alone understand their impact, according to new research from adRise. The Connected TV Market Report reveals that the marketplace has been proliferating as OEMs, content distributors, and advertisers have made it into “one of the hottest spaces” for consumer video technology, content distribution and advertising. Basically, adRise has found that usage among all connected TV devices is increasing and, in aggregate, that this has led to a 25x growth surge among the apps.

From DSC:
This reminds me of a graphic from Mary Meeker’s 5/30/12 presentation:


…it also reminds me of a graphic I created a while back:


The pace has changed significantly and quickly