8 fantastic sites to help keep your kids creative — from mylifescoop.com by Pinar Noorata


The imagination of a child is like no other and if it is fed and nurtured from the beginning, the results could be extraordinarily positive. It’s crucial to keep children’s minds active in their formative years, since that’s when they do most of their learning and retain the most information. It’s also important to encourage a child’s sense of creativity, giving them the freedom to grow and expand their minds. In the past, parents worried about their kids watching too much brainless television and sought to find educational programming they could learn from. Today, the problem is pretty much the same, though the media has changed. Kids are constantly on the computer, surfing the web, but what are they looking at? Are they being productive or simply staring at a screen that inspires nothing out of them? Have no fear because we’ve got a list of some fantastic websites that can put you parents at ease, knowing your child is using their minds and being creative all while they are visually stimulated and entertained.

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