iTunes U Just Got A Killer New Feature — from by Jeff Dunn


Available To You
The good news is that the social learning tools are available for ALL courses on iTunes U. So it’s now a free, socially-enabled, robust learning platform that has seen more than 700 million downloads. Hard to argue with that.

If you’re looking to take your classroom lectures and presentations online to share them with the world, this new development out of iTunes U could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Nerds of the World, Unite! iTunes U Just Got Interactive — from The Atlantic by Megan Garber
Stanford is adding a social layer to its most popular class on Apple’s platform.

From DSC:
I’d rather see Apple, themselves, get more invested in — and committed to — helping design and integrate more tools inherent within the iTunes U ecosystem itself, capabilities such as:

  • Web-based videoconferencing and collaboration tools
  • Audio/visual-based discussion boards (use voice and video to submit an initial posting as well as to respond to someone else’s posting)
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Application sharing
  • Social networking/learning
  • E-payments
  • Etc.