Daniel S. Christian - Think Virtual -- April 2012



From DSC:
Some suggestions for the Development Offices out there…higher ed institutions need more funding for:

  • Moving things to the cloud
  • Creating or purchasing high-quality, interactive, multimedia-based, digital content
  • Offering 100% wireless coverage on all campuses and throughout all classrooms
  • Providing more robust “pipes” to the Internet — esp. to get ready for the increased use of video in the classroom
  • Providing iPads or an iPad check out program — opening up access to hundreds of useful, educationally-related, engaging applications
  • Funding consortiums and for pooling resources
  • Offering customized, personalized learning experiences
  • Researching best ways of capturing and using analytics
  • Enhancing security
  • …etc … etc …etc…

 The future is not in buildings. It’s on the Internet.