Automated grading software in development to score essays as accurately as humans — from by David J. Hill

See the iphone – Diorama piece at

Beam me up Scotty: Life-size hologram-like telepods revolutionize videoconferencing — from the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University

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A smart city


When we think of computer networks, we think of routers and servers and fiber optic cables and laptops and smartphones — we think of the internet. In actuality, though, the visible internet is just the tip of the iceberg. There are secret military networks, and ad hoc wireless networks, and utility companies have sprawling, cellular networks the track


30 specialist (and super smart) search engines — from by Adam Vincenzini

The home 3-D printer is more real than ever–and costs as much as an iPad — from by Kit Eaton

A ride on MIT Media Lab’s digital bandwagon — from by Martin LaMonica
Digital technologies are reaching deeper into the physical world, opening up new ways for people to interact with their surroundings, say researchers at MIT’s Media Lab.