Onswipe launches tablet publishing platform with Hearst, Slate, Ziff Davis, Forbes and more — from Onswipe.com


NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. (June 21st, 2011) –  Onswipe, a platform for publishing and advertising on tablet devices, is launching today with an Iconic group of publishers including Hearst, Slate, and Forbes.  The Onswipe platform lets publishers use the scale of their web audience to provide a beautiful app-like experience in the browser.  Onswipe is also joined by Iconic advertisers Sprint with Slate and American Express with Marie Claire.
Onswipe provides the ability for publishers to make their content look amazing on tablet devices such as iPad while providing an advertising platform to make publishers boatloads of money.  In under 3 minutes, a publisher can make their existing content provide an app-like experience within the web browser to their audience.  The Onswipe platform works with publishers of any size whether their audience consists of 100 people or 1 million.