Nothing is Off the Table — from The Future of Education by Jesse Moyer

Excerpt re: Inverted Learning

Inverted learning involves students accessing and listening to teachers’ lectures outside of the classroom, think homework, and using the time in the classroom to apply those lessons.  Teachers quoted in the eSchool News article entitled “Teachers Turn Learning Upside Down,” believe this new style of instruction allows students to focus on the class, not the teacher, while in the classroom.  Says one forward thinking educator, “Students can absorb the material as homework and then practice what they’ve learned with guided help from the teacher if they need it. This new learning style not only makes class time more productive for both teachers and students, but also increases student engagement, increases achievement, and caters to all forms of personalized learning.”

From DSC:
This “flips” the lecture/lesson to outside the classroom, and moves the homework and other types of activities to the classroom setting where one can instantly get help if one needs it.