The 50 Best Careers of 2011 — from U.S. News by Alexis Grant
Consider these high-opportunity jobs as you look for your next paycheck

From DSC:
Actually, I post this with some hesitation…as what is a “best” career for you may be entirely different from what constitutes a “best” career for someone else. Rather, I recommend to you younger folks that you earnestly seek to identify your passions and run with them! Don’t go by what others say will make you lots of money. Ask the LORD to help you identify the gifts, talents, and abilities that He gave to you — then ask Him for opportunities to pursue those things.

However, I realize many of you will not pursue that course of action — so if you want to know which careers have some solid demand building up behind them, then go ahead and check out the article. Just don’t be afraid to take a right turn later on.