Traditional instructional methods versus intelligent tutoring systems —

From DSC:
I’m not crazy about the VS. part here…this post isn’t mean to stir competitive juices or put some folks out there on the defensive. Rather, I thought it had some interesting, understandable things to say about intelligent tutoring systems and what benefits they might provide.

A potential solution to this problem is the use of novel software known as “Intelligent Tutoring Systems” (ITS), with built-in artificial intelligence. These systems, which adapt themselves to the current knowledge stage of the learner and support different learning strategies on an individual basis, could be integrated with the Web for effective training and tutoring.

Intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) are software programs that give support to the learning activity. These systems can be used in the conventional educational process, distant learning courses as well corporate training, either under the form of CDROMs or as applications that deliver knowledge over the Internet. They present new ways for education, which can change the role of the human tutor or teacher, and enhance it.

They present educational materials in a flexible and personalized way that is similar to one-to-one tutoring. In particular, ITSs have the ability to provide learners with tailored instructions and feedback. The basic underlying idea of ITSs is to realise that each student is unique.

They use simulations and other highly interactive learning environments that require people to apply their knowledge and skills. These active, situated learning environments help them retain and apply knowledge and skills more effectively in operational settings.

An intelligent tutoring system personalizes the instruction based on the background and the progress of each individual student. In this way, the learner is able to receive immediate feedback on his performance. Today, prototype and operational ITS systems provide practice-based instruction to support corporate training, high school and college education, military training etc.

The goal of intelligent tutoring systems is to provide the benefits of one-on-one instruction automatically and cost effectively. Intelligent tutoring systems enable participants to practice their skills by carrying out tasks within highly interactive learning environments…