Couple things regarding Computer Science (CS) majors and related needs:

1) We need more of them!
Where I work, we are experiencing a decline in CS majors. Just when we need them the most, the numbers are dropping. Why is this? I’m told that one of the reasons that this is the case is that many guidance counselors in high schools are re-directing students away from computer-related fields, citing that this is an unstable field to go into.

In response…in some ways, they are right. After the Y2K needs tapered off and the crash of the early years of the last decade, I can see why there would be some serious hesitation here. Also employees of IT (and training) departments get let go all too quickly. Investments in technology and related infrastructures go down all too soon when things in the economy and corporate balance sheet don’t look too good. Thus, IT folks get let go. Daughters and sons of such employees may see this happening, hear their counselors advice, and side-step a career in IT/CS/Systems. I’m sure there are many other reasons as well.

In fact, so much so, that Calvin College Professor Joel Adams approached his Representative, Vern Ehlors, who went on to champion the Computer Science Week here in the United States.  This week raises the awareness of the opportunities — and need — of more students going into CS.

2)  I noticed the article below, and along with the Computer Science Week, this morning I am somewhat encouraged.

IT Budgets, Spending Set for Rebound as CIOs Realign Priorities –by David Nagel
Worldwide IT spending and IT department budgets across public and private sectors are set to make something of a comeback following 2009’s drastic declines. Further, all major segments in IT are expected to see positive growth in 2010, according to two separate reports released this week by market research firm Gartner Inc.