3 Things to Consider When Building Your E-Learning Courses — from the rapid elearning blog (back from 4/14/09)
The e-learning course is just one part of a complex process.


As humans, we’re always in learning mode. We don’t turn learning on or off. In a sense, learning is like an ecosystem (emphasis DSC). We’re continually influenced by information, our social interactions, and experiences. These shape who we are and what we know. And this ultimately determines how we act. We don’t learn just because someone gives us information or tells us that today we’re in a “course.” We learn because that’s how we’re wired. So when we do happen to take a course we fold it into our learning ecosystem and make it part of how we understand the world around us.

Learning is like an ecosystem.

-- Image from the Rapid e-Learning blog (4-14-09)