From DSC:
Entertainment-related ecosystems now…but educationally-related ecosystems could be coming up next…

Google’s answer to Siri thinks ahead — from technologyreview.com by Tom Simonite
The company’s data stockpile and investment in AI means a smartphone helper that answers queries before you even ask them.

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Green light given to driverless cars in California. — from nbcnews.com by Sarah McBride



Google’s self-driving car goes out for a spin.

Addendum on 9/27/12:

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Stanford U. releases new open-source online-education platform – from The Chronicle by Alisha Azevedo


Stanford University is continuing a high-profile push into online education with a new open-source platform called Class2Go, which will host two massive open online courses, or MOOC’s, during the fall quarter. Beginning in October, non-Stanford and Stanford students alike will be able to use the platform to take classes on computer networking and on “Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, and Batteries.”


Google launches open course builder — from techcrunch.com by







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Keeping your toes in the streams of current that are constantly flowing by us [Christian]


There are numerous ways to keep current within your discipline, but  I want to highlight just two highly-effective, relevant ones here (no matter what your discipline or interest is).


1) Google Alerts



2)  Subscribing to RSS feeds


From DSC:
Hhhmmmm…I wonder how this could be used to renovate or create new learning spaces…?!?


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13-foot 12,000-pound mechanized robot suit now for sale in Japan — from venturebeat.com by John Koetsier

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Enormous 13 foot tall, 4 ton robot



From DSC:
These items cause me to reflect yet again on the state of our hearts...as it doesn’t take much to think of the next steps in terms of using such robots as instruments of war. Do you think I’m stretching a bit too far here?  How about after considering the following interactive visualization that Google just created?


Small Arms Trade Graphic by Google - August 2012





Some items re: Google I/O 2012

The big Google I/O 2012 overview — from techhive.com by Jason Cross


Google’s yearly developer conference, Google I/O, is much more than just programming tips and API talk. It’s also the grand unveiling of a lot of new Google products and services. We liveblogged the keynotes from day one and day two, where a lot of big announcements were made. In fact, the day one keynote lasted more than two hours.

Didn’t have time to follow all the big annoucements as they happened for the last two days? Here’s a quick summary of the key points of interest. You’ll find a lot of detailed coverage at PCWorld and Macworld.

The best Of Google I/O: Project Glass, Nexus 7 Tablet, Nexus Q Home Entertainment System, and more — from fastcompany.com by Christina Chaey
Google announced a slew of new products today at its annual developer conference, including the long-awaited Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus Q, a home media streamer for Android devices. Here’s what you need to know.

What Google Compute Engine means for cloud computing — from gigaom.com by Derrick Harris

Google I/O: A Glimpse at the anti-Apple — from pcmag.com by Damon Poeter

Google Compute Engine a direct challenge to Amazon Web Services — from ReadWriteWeb.com by Fredric Paul

Google I/O Day 2: Technology That ‘Just Works’ — from Inc.com by Christina DesMarais
All sorts of Google products you’re likely using at the office just got better.

4 things to know from Google’s I/O Conference –– from Inc.com by Christina DesMarais
Check out Google’s latest and greatest tech innovations from its annual developer conference.

 The next platform war: Google play vs. Apple iTunes — from cnn.com by Philip Elmer-DeWitt

Google unveils an ecosystem designed to rival Apple’s — from cnn.com by Philip Elmer-DeWitt

Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Nexus Q: Media streamers compared — from cnet.com by Ty Pendlebury
Google’s Nexus Q is the newest kid on the streaming block. CNET puts it head-to-head with our favorite tried-and-true stalwarts, the Apple TV and the Roku.



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Introducing App Cloud Core – Build and Deploy Mobile Apps for Free




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Also see:

  • Brightcove PLAY is a global gathering of Brightcove customers, partners and industry leaders at the forefront of the digital media revolution. On June 25-27, hundreds of media companies, marketers and developers from around the world will convene in Boston for three action-packed days of hands-on learning, in-depth strategy sessions, next-generation product demos, all-star keynotes, and networking.

[Report] Developer Economics 2012 – The new app economy – from visionmobile.com


Here’s just a sample of the key insights and graphs from the report – download the full report for more!

The new pyramid of handset maker competition.
In the new pyramid of handset maker competition, Apple leads innovators, Samsung leads fast-followers, ZTE leads assemblers and Nokia leads the feature phone market. Apple has seized almost three quarters of industry profits by delivering unique product experiences and tightly integrating hardware, software, services and design. Samsung ranks second to Apple in total industry profits. As a fast follower, its recipe for success is to reach market first with each new Android release. It produces its own chipsets and screens – the two most expensive components in the hardware stack – ensuring both profits and first-to-market component availability.

Tablets are now a mainstream screen for developers.
Developers are rapidly responding to the rising popularity of tablets: our Developer Economics 2012 survey found that, irrespective of platform, more than 50% of developers are now targeting tablets, with iOS developers most likely (74%) to do so. This is a massive increase over last year, when just a third of developers (34.5%) reported targeting tablets. On the other end of the spectrum are TVs and game consoles, with fewer than 10% of developers targeting those screens.

Survival of the fittest has played out within 12 months.
Whereas 2011 was the era of developer experimentation, 2012 is shaping up as the era of ecosystem consolidation around iOS and Android. Developer Mindshare is at an all-time-high 76% for Android and 66% for iOS. Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” model explains how BlackBerry, BREW, and Bada (Samsung) have lost Mindshare by failing to compete in terms of user reach, which is by far and consistently the top platform selection criterion for developers. In 2012, developers used on average 2.7 platforms in parallel, vs 3.2 in 2011, a clear sign of consolidation. The trend is further evidenced by declining IntentShare scores for most platforms – apart from mobile web and Windows Phone.

Google unveils full 3D Google Earth feature — from CNET.com by Roger Cheng
Google uses advanced 3D imaging to create full 3D maps, which will come soon to Android and iOS.

Google Maps adding 3D, offline directions— from CNET.com byBridget Carey

Google Announces Massively Improved 3D Views For Google Earth, StreetView Backpacks & Offline Maps For Mobile — from techcrunch.com by Frederic Lardinois


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5 ways to clean YouTube Videos - June 2012


Also see 9 ways to assess without standardized tests — by Lisa Nielsen


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Two browser-related items

Google Chrome overtakes Internet Explorer as the Web’s most used browser — from thenextweb.com by Jon Russell


Google Chrome has been long expected to leapfrog Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) to take its position as the Web’s most used browser and, according to data from Statcounter, the momentous change of leadership happened last week. The firm’s latest figures — spotted by Global Nerdy blogger Joey deVilla – show that Chrome’s line of usage creeped to overtake IE’s for the first week ever, with Firefox, Safari and Opera completing the top five respectively.

Browser choice: A thing of the past? — from cnet.com by Stephen Shankland
Devices using iOS and the future Windows RT hobble third-party browsers. Despite some good reasons for doing so, the change could undermine browser competition.

Five browser logos
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