The Sandbox Classroom at Calvin College
A high-tech, collaborative, active learning classroom that I initiated
and was the Project Manager for from start to finish


The Sandbox Classroom at Calvin College - Full classroom perspective


The Sandbox Classroom at Calvin College - picture of 3 of the 7 Sharp 60


Looking out into the Hekman Library -- note the Crestron Media Controller


Sandbox Classroom - mobile whiteboards provide further writable surfaces


The lectern is also mobile


Sandbox Classroom - 6

Additional Notes

* We designed this room to be highly reconfigurable -- all of the tables, chairs, the lectern, and the 2 large mobile whiteboards can be easily moved around the space

* We wanted students to be able to quickly contribute content to the discussions without breaking the flow of the discussions. So we provided:

* Wireless content contribution via an Apple TV as well as Crestron Air Media
* Adapters & cables for students to plug into HDMI-based connections, thereby instantly displaying what's on their mobile devices up onto the individual displays. Faculty can then show whichever display(s) that they want to around the room.

* We fixed the 60" displays up on the walls so that there could be 6 groups of 6 around them for a total of 36 students in this space (providing close to 30 square feet per student in this ~1080 sq ft room).

* We provided a PowerPoint on the desktop for the Instructor's workstation that contained a variety of room setups/configurations (i.e., to help students quickly reconfigure the space)

* The space also features:

* An Epson DC-21 Document Camera
* 7 Sharp 60" displays
* A Crestron Media Controller that employs a nice, large touch panel
A Crestron Video Switcher
* Crestron Processors
* HDMI Switcher Controls
* New lighting with granular controls on the Crestron Media Controller (with motion sensors for automatically turning on and off the lights)
* 10 speakers throughout the ceiling for even audio distribution, with volume controls on the Crestron Media Controller
* Power/outlets throughout the space
* 30 network jacks
* A wireless keyboard and mouse
* Two large fixed whiteboards & 2 mobile whiteboards provide plenty of writable surfaces



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