Making BYOD work in schools – Three school districts that have figured it out — from by Caroline Ross

Excerpt (emphasis DSC):

In an effort to bring 21st century technology into the classroom despite continuous budget cuts, some school administrators have adopted district-wide “Bring your Own Device” (BYOD) initiatives and programs. Like the name suggests, BYOD programs allow students to bring their own tablets, smartphones, and laptops from home into the classroom for educational use.

It seems like a lucrative idea, especially for schools that can’t afford to supply each student with a shiny new tablet or e-reader, but that doesn’t mean the concept hasn’t met its fair share of criticism. Some experts have been quick to call out BYOD flaws and even speculate that BYOD programs aren’t a long-term solution.  Whether that’s the case is yet to be determined, but there have been some successful BYOD implementations. Below are some school districts that have taken the time to prepare for the challenges that BYOD programs can bring and address them proactively.